20 Tips For Losing Leg Fat

20. Dance

You probably never thought of dance as of an exercise, but it is actually a good one. Moving your legs while dancing is also a good method for losing leg fat. So, play some music and jump around, it will do you good!

19. Skip jump rope

Jump rope may seem like an ordinary toy for children, but it’s actually quite good for legs. And not just for your legs, but for your arms too. So wake up your inner child and start playing with the jump rope once again!

18. Ride a bike

This is another great way of losing leg fat. Ride a bike an hour several times a week and the results will show very quickly. You can also use your bike as a transportation device, like the Scandinavians and the Dutch – it will do miracles for you!

17. Do water sports

Water sports do miracles for your body because they engage your entire body – including legs. So go to the nearest pool and swim! If you live at a coast, you can also try “running against the waves”, which is another great exercise for your legs.

16. Go up and down the stairs

You don’t have to pay for aerobics sessions if you have stairs. Going up and down the stairs has the same effect as cardio.

15. Do squats

Doing squats is an obligatory exercise if you want to lose leg fat. You don’t have to do 100 of them; 10–20 is about enough. It won’t only make you lose fat, it will also strengthen your legs. Try doing it with a ball behind your back – the ball will increase the intensity of the squat.

14. Do lunges

Doing lunges is a very useful technique for toning up your legs. They’re great for strengthening, sculpting and building muscles, so it’s important you lose some weight before doing them if you don’t want your leg fat to turn into muscles.

13. Do aerobics

Aerobics is one of the mechanisms to get sweaty, lose weight and tone up your body. It’s thus highly recommendable for everyone who wants to slim down their legs (and basically any part of their body), especially for those who are too lazy to exercise at home on their own.

12. Do climbing or mountain hiking

It’s basically the outdoors version of going up the stairs. Or a more effortful version of walking. Climbing / hiking not only provides you with useful exercises, but it also gives you a chance to spend more time in nature – which is very good for your health in general.

11. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits

Don’t make yourself do 100 squats or walk 10 miles right away. You will only get too tired and lose will to continue with your regiment. Start humbly and very soon you’ll be able to endure more.

10. Sleep

It has been proven that getting enough sleep helps in losing weight. Tiredness makes you eat more because your body searches for another way to gain energy. Also, you will have no energy to do exercise. So make sure you sleep at least 6–7 hours every night.

9. Drink water

Remember: you can survive without food, but you can’t survive without water. Ironically, water is basically the only sustenance our body cannot work without and it doesn’t contain any calories. And it’s the best and fastest way to quench your thirst, not highly caloric alcohol and fizzy drinks.

8. Exercise at least four times a week

If you exercise only once a week, you won’t do anything. You have to exercise at least one hour four times a week. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Play some music that you like and sing along while exercising and the time will fly.

7. Eat healthy

Exercise won’t do much if you don’t give up caloric food. Of course that you don’t have to eat salads all the time, but you must ditch fatty snacks – they’re not particularly nutritious, but they do make you gain fat more than anything.

6. Don’t go to gym straight away

First you must lose some weight. Then you go to gym. If you go to gym straight away, you won’t lose any weight; you’ll just turn your fat into muscles and look like a bodybuilder.

5. Run

Running is one of the best ways to lose leg fat and tighten your legs. Of course that you don’t have to run as fast as Usain Bolt; find the rhythm that suits you and your abilities.

4. Walk

Walking as an exercise is a good replacement for those who don’t like running. You don’t have to do it strictly as an exercise; whenever you can, go by foot, don’t take a ride. Quickly you will feel the change.

3. Play a sport

An important part of exercise/diet regiment is support. If you don’t like exercising because you’re lonely in it, play a team sport. Soccer, basketball, volleyball and football are all very good for slimming and toning your legs.

2. Keep your genetics in mind

If your entire family has pear-shaped bodies, there’s not much you can do about it. No food or exercise can make you apple-shaped. What you can do, though, is take care of your thighs and hips and keep them toned. And don’t stress about it – embrace your body and enjoy your curves.

1. Have patience

You must know that changes aren’t going to come after a week. Armor yourself with patience and don’t stress unnecessarily yourself if you don’t see changes right away. Be calm and patient, and the results will be visible soon.
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